Receive Quaternary honey directly to your home

You can buy jars of Bee patient wildflower honey of two types: spring os summer wildflower honey .

 Spring wildflower honey

 Summer wildflower honey

We ship at least 2 jars of both type of formats.

Payments can be made either by bank transfer, without additional costs, or by credit card via Pay-Pal with a little commission of €1

Do not hesitate to contact us for information on how to receive Quaternary honey directly at your home and a price list!

Authorized dealers

It is possible to buy Bee Patient honey in the following stores:

Bar Fortini Luca, Via Borgo Punta 225, Ferrara

Butcher's shop da Giovanni, Via Comacchio 22, Ferrara

Hobo Ice Cream Shop - Via Bersaglieri del Po 19, Ferrara

Supercarni Golinelli - Molinella's workshop - Via Provinciale Inferiore 69, Molinella - Bologna

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