Bee Patient honey

Quaternary honey

Bee Patient honey is produced with wildflowers inside the Zarda oasis, where bees enjoy the clean and uncontaminated waters of the Quaternary lake and the extremely varied flora with different wooded areas.

The pollen composition consists of indigo, dandelion, thistle, alfalfa, and honeydew.

Composition and properties

The main component is the honeydew which is also called “forest honey”.
This honey is rich in mineral salts and vitamins and has less sugar than other types.

The main characteristics of Bee Patient Honey are the following: darker in color than the classic wildflower honey and the taste is less sweet with a consistency that may be dense but it never crystallizes completely.

Honeydew honey is richer in beneficial properties and this is why it is a very valuable food for diets due to a strong antiseptic and antibacterial action.

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