Who We Are

Bee Patient is a beekeeping project developed by two siblings, Anna and Nicola Orpelli. Driven by their common passion for nature and environmental protection, they decided to build something new together for Ferrara area: an activity set in a context of a complete environmental recovery around a large Quaternary lake, in the Zarda natural oasis of Settepolesini in Bondeno – Ferrara.

Why Bee Patient?

The play on words linked to the name “Bee Patient” was born after acknowledging that working with bees would have meant being actors not protagonists of a world with its logics, its dynamics, its balance.

A world as complex as it is fascinating that we will never be able to fully understand.

Hence the awareness of having to be patient. Patient is, in fact, the one who is not discouraged in the face of adversity, but accepts the challenges by building his knowledge day by day, learning, growing and improving.

This is what drives us with dedication and enthusiasm in the production of our honey.

“And patience after all is a man’s nearest approach to Nature’s processes of creation”. (Honoré de Balzac)

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